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  1. I am excited to announce that I recently won an Arts Foundation fellowship in the Live Art category. Huge thanks to Irene Revell for the nomination and The Arts Foundation, supported by the Yoma Sasburg Estate for the opportunity to reinvest in my practice in new and exciting ways!

  2. Photograph by Anne Tetzlaff, 2016

    Photograph by Anne Tetzlaff, 2016

    All Channels Open, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire

    Launch event: 11 February - 26th March 2017, open 12-5pm daily

    All Channels Open brings together the ten artists who were in-residence at Wysing during 2016: Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, Beatrice Dillon, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Evan Ifekoya, Wojciech Kosma, Lawrence Lek, Laura O’Neill, Florence Peake and Gary Zhexi Zhang.

  3. 'Nature/Nurture Sketch' video (still), 2013

    'Nature/Nurture Sketch' video (still), 2013


    14 January - March 2017, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, Launch event: 13 JANUARY 2016, 6PM - 9PM

    UNTITLED: art on the conditions of our time is a major new touring exhibition produced by New Art Exchange, curated in collaboration with NAE by Paul Goodwin and Hansi Momodu-Gordon. The show adopts a progressive stance on exhibition making to allow new ways of thinking about art by African diaspora artists to emerge. In a bold move, fixed curatorial themes have been stripped out to create a stimulating space where artworks can be experienced more openly, and where the interplay between the artists' practices can be observed. As the exhibition curators state, "This is not a show 'about' a coherent movement – instead it presents works by British African diaspora artists outside of the usual framing".

    With  Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Barby Asante, Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom, Phoebe Boswell, Kimathi Donkor, Evan Ifekoya, Cedar Lewisohn, Harold Offeh, Ima-Abasi Okon, NT, Barbara Walker

  4. 'Let the rhythm pull you towards your edges', video (still) 2015

    'Let the rhythm pull you towards your edges', video (still) 2015

    I've been shortlisted for The Arts Foundation fellowship in Live Art, supported by the Yoma Sasburg Estate alongside some great artists - Jamila Johnson Small, Beth Collar and Martin O'Brien. Huge thanks to Irene Revell for the nomination. The awards ceremony takes place on January 25th 2017.

  5. A Person of Unidentifiable Gender Moves Freely Across The Room,2016. Risograph. 42 cm x 30 cm. Edition of 80. Courtesy of the Artist and Studio Voltaire, London. Credit Andy Keate

    A Person of Unidentifiable Gender Moves Freely Across The Room,2016. Risograph. 42 cm x 30 cm. Edition of 80. Courtesy of the Artist and Studio Voltaire, London. Credit Andy Keate

    I was invited to produce a riso print to help raise funds for Studio Voltaire's public programme. You can purchase it here

  6. Culture Now: Evan Ifekoya

    9 Dec 2016, 1pm

    Artist Evan Ifekoya is in conversation with sound artist and DJ Ain Bailey on the occasion of group exhibition Wandering/WILDING: Blackness on the Internet (IMT Gallery, 4 Nov – 11 Dec 2016, curated by Legacy Russell).
  7. I M T   G A L L E R Y   I N V I T E S :  L E G A C Y   R U S S E L L
    ‘ W A N D E R I N G / W I L D I N G :  B L A C K N E S S   O N   T H E   I N T E R N E T ‘

    N I V   A C O S T A  |  H A N N A H   B L A C K  |  E V A N   I F E K O Y A  |  E . J A N E
    D E V I N   K E N N Y  |  T A B I T A   R E Z A I R E  |  F A N N I E   S O S A

    4   N O V E M B E R  –  1 1   D E C E M B E R   2 0 1 6
    P R E V I E W : T H U R S D A Y   3   N O V E M B E R   6 – 9 P M
    F I R S T   T H U R S D A Y :  1   D E C E M B E R   U N T I L   9 P M
    O P E N :  T H U R S D A Y  –  S U N D A Y   1 2 – 6 P M   O R   B Y   A P P O I N T M E N T

    More information here.

  8. For further information, read the press release here.

  9. Let The Rhythm Pull You Towards Your Edges, David Roberts Art Foundation, 2015. Photograph by Dan Weil

    Let The Rhythm Pull You Towards Your Edges, David Roberts Art Foundation, 2015. Photograph by Dan Weil

    Let The Rhythm Pull You Towards Your Edges (after Marlon Riggs)

    Saturday 22nd October, 9pm, Document Festival, CCA, Glasgow

    A curriculum for the dance floor bringing together music, spoken word and moving image. This iteration of the work previews a new radio play This Catalogue of Poses, which follows four figures at a spectral house club night and is framed by the histories of queer nightlife in the local area. This hybrid performance/lecture/DJ set is part of Ifekoya’s ongoing project A Score, A Groove, A Phantom which investigates archives of blackness, sociality and inheritance as they diffract through queer nightlife and trauma in the present moment.

    There will be space to listen, space to dance and space to reflect. Come with an open mind. Click here for more information about Document Festival.

  10. An Unhappy Evening collaborative performance
    Saturday 15th of October, OOR Records, Zurich

    'For this «Unhappy Evening» we invited 4 musical/performative positions to collaborate in a collective sound performance. Starting point and chronological-thematic score is the audio track from the video/10“ vinyl «An Alphabet of Feeling Bad» by Karin Michalski and Ann Cvetkovitch which is part of the publication «An Unhappy Archive». The musicians and performers are invited to compose and arrange musical pieces, songs, texts or sound works along the letters and terms from the Alphabet. Anxiety, Alienation, Killjoy, Occupy, Rage, Revolution, Precarity, Public feelings, Trauma, Utopia, Vulnerability, Yawn, Yell, Zest to name only a few of the notions from the alphabet. The Alphabet of feeling bad proposes to understand bad feelings not only as a personal and private issue but as well as formed by a wider social context and proposes to form emancipatory actions out of it. The artists invited, coming from a musical and or performative background are placed in the gallery space, so that they can potentially interact and react to each other.
    The session will then itself become part of the «an unhappy archive» publication and will be published as a download sound file.
    «An Unhappy Evening» is conzeptualized and organized by Franziska Koch and Anna Frei from OOR Saloon, Kerstin Schroedinger and Alice Cantaluppi.'

  11. This Catalogue of Poses

    Sunday 25th of September, 3-5pm, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

    'This Catalogue of Poses is a radio exploring the daily lives of four figures in a photograph, some of whom are more alive than others. Beginning at a spectral house club night in London, the characters dialogue as if inhabiting the past and future simultaneously.
    For this iteration of the live broadcast, Evan has been reworking the script in light of the context of Glasgow in collaboration with Cass Ezeji, who will be a co- performer for the event. This work forms part of Evan's ongoing project 'A Score, A Groove, A Phantom' which investigates archives of blackness, sociality and inheritance as they diffract through queer nightlife and trauma in the present moment.
    The original score has been devised in collaboration with Netherlands based producer aigrefou.'
    Please get in touch if you'd like to listen to the broadcast.
  12. Park Nights 2016: BBC Radio 3's Late Junction, with Bas Jan, Adam Christensen, yeah you and Evan Ifekoya

    23 Sep 2016 - 8:00 PM, Serpentine Gallery, London

    A live recording of BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction in the Serpentine Pavilion, that featured live sets by musicians and artists. More information here and here.

  13. Cinenova | Now Showing: Evan Ifekoya

    Thursday, 22 Sep 2016 at 7:00pm -  8:30pm, The Showroom, London

    Now Showing is Cinenova’s monthly film series that aims to materialise relationships between contemporary artist moving image practice and the feminist/organising legacies present in the Cinenova collection. For the September Now Showing Cinenova has invited London-based artist Evan Ifekoya, who will be showing a preview of work in progress She was a full body speaker, alongside three titles from the Cinenova collection, Ayoka Chenzira's Hairpiece: A Film for Nappy Headed People, Catherine Gund and Julie Tolentino's B.U.C.K.L.E. and Amanda Holiday's Miss Queencake. More information here.

  14. Photography by Holly Falconer

    Photography by Holly Falconer

    Dream Babes, Auto Italia

    Thursday 8th September 2016, 7.30-8.30pm

    Performance with Victoria Sin

    What is enabled
    In the space of a groove?
    Tell me a story,
    Share an experience,
    Of a song that moved you.
    Of a look from someone
    that transported you,
    Outta this world.

    What is enabled
    In the space of a groove?
    Tell me a story,
    Take me on a journey,
    To when a DJ transported you,
    When a dancefloor transformed you,
    Into a most complete
    Version of self.

    In the space of a groove
    Let’s Voyage together,
    Beyond the conflict of language,
    Where body feedback
    Can generate a belonging.

    Evan and Victoria invite you to partake in a moment of queer collectivity focussing on our experiences of nightlife and the physical within the social body.

  15. Two steps to the Left…

    Saturday 3 September, 2 - 9.45pm, Wysing Arts Centre

    'For the third and final event in our Summercamp series, artist Sonia Boyce has developed the day-long symposium and live music event  in collaboration with current artist-in-residence Evan Ifekoya. 

    In keeping with the theme of the radical art practice of the 1970s and 80s, Two steps to the Left… takes US artist Adrian Piper’s groundbreaking interactive performanceFunk Lessons (1982-85) as a point of departure, to explore dance and movement as a political act; asking what role does dance and music play in the creation of momentary communities, of dissent and assent.

    Two steps to the Left… included presentations, workshops and discussions with contributions from artists and academics including Ain Bailey, Adelaide Bannerman, Sonia Boyce, Yassmin V Foster, Evan Ifekoya, Melika Ngombe Kolongo and Zinzi Minott and live music performances from Ain Bailey, ORETHA, and Nkisi.'

    Find a podcast of this event here and images from the event here.

  16. 'Ebi Flo (flex)', 2016

    'Ebi Flo (flex)', 2016

    The Quiet Violence of Dreams @ Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

    21 July - 27 August 2016

    Two new works 'Ebi Flo (WEAREFAMILY)' and 'Ebi Flo (Flex)' are currently on display as part of this group show based on the book by K Sello Duiker. The exhibition is curated by Joost Bosland and Moshekwa Langa. Some more install images can be found here.

    Review of the exhibition on ArtThrob.

  17. Radio (Study) Day
    Sunday 21 August, 12–5pm. Live online event

    For their Radio (Study) Day at Wysing, current artists-in-residence Henna-Riikka Halonen, Evan Ifekoya, Lawrence Lek and Laura O’Neill will take radio broadcasting as a starting point for exploring the potential of the listening subject.

    3.45pm – Evan Ifekoya introduces This Catalogue of Poses, a radio play-in progress exploring the daily lives of four figures in a photograph, some of whom are more alive than others. Beginning at a spectral house club night in London, the characters dialogue across as if inhabiting the past and future simultaneously. Original score devised in collaboration with aigrefou
    (Netherlands/Morocco). Followed by a discussion with fellow residency artists.

    For more information, click here.

  18. 'Sticky Black: A Broadcast', still, 2016

    'Sticky Black: A Broadcast', still, 2016

    9th July

    Showing 'Sticky Black: A Broadcast' as part of 'Shades of Opacity' an afternoon of screenings and discussion curated by Shama Khanna at Jerwood Space, London.

  19. 30th June 

    Performance - A Score, A Groove, A Phantom: Quotidian Remix @ Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

  20. The Gender Song, video (still), 2014

    June 10-August 17, 2016

    The Gender Song, TSG: Come Together exhibition, curated by Syrus Marcus Ware, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

  21.  'A Score, A Groove, A Phantom_The Score' (a detail), 2016

    4th of June 2016

    A Score, A Groove, A Phantom: The Extended Play @ Whitstable Bienniale

    The Sea Cadets Hall

    Ifekoya’s performance will create a multi-sensory environment of pink fur, Juicy Fruit chewing gum, a locally sourced ’disco ball’ and highlights from the artist’s ‘family album’. The work presents Ifekoya’s research into the nightclub as archive, the mouth as site of experience and West African mourning traditions.

    A Score, A Groove, A Phantom is a performance as expanded song, bringing together the public nature of death and the performance of self, as well as the awkwardness of having a ‘favourite part’ of Nanna Grace’s funeral DVD. It uses the body in life and death as a material to investigate the erotic potential of these experiences. Please leave your shoes at the door. Libations will be served. Dancing is encouraged.

  22. 'Whitney and I (Escrava Anastacia series)', Performance (still), Uppsalla train station

    13th May 2016

    Whitney and I (Escrava Anastacia series), PerformanceRevolve Performance Festival, Upsalla, Sweden

  23. Recent:

    23rd April 2016
    ​Performance Presentation, @ Finding the Body Symposium, CSM​, organised by Rosza Farkas (Arcadia Missa)
    4th April 2016
    ​Presentation and panel, @ PLAYING UP: Live Art for Kids and Adults Symposium, Tate Modern
    12th March
    A R​eading, 5pm @ Public Resource Exhibition, Cubitt Gallery​, curated by Morgan Quaintance
    From July to September 2016 I'll be A​rtists in R​esidence at Wysing, for the Wysing Poly.
  24. 'Okun Song', video (still), 2016

    5-31 May 2016

    Okun Song, Exhibition, curated by A---Z, StudioRCA, London, UK